Never Stop

Are you looking for fulfilment? Do you want to control the success of your own career?

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This short book teaches the secrets to overcome your fear, to control your career path, to be excited about waking up tomorrow.

Norm’s lessons and the stories of over 20 entrepreneurs and professionals will help you overcome your fear of making decisions, as you navigate the next steps of your career.

You will learn how to:

  • improve your marketing skills;
  • increase your client retention;
  • run an efficient meeting to get what you want;
  • focus your social media presence;

and so much more.

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Through engaging storytelling and practical ideas, Norman Bacal gives lawyers the tools they need to achieve their ambitions.” Jeremy W. Richter, author of Level Up Your Law Practice

“…the next best thing to having a career coach.” Andrea W., entrepreneur

“This book is a treasure trove of lessons for anyone who wishes to learn and improve.” Sivan Tumarkin, Managing Partner

“Norman Bacal is Yoda in the practice of law bringing insightful wisdom together with practical execution. This book should be required reading for every student and practitioner of law!” Irene Taylor, career coach