How did ruthless millionaire businessman Geri Nielsen actually die? Was it a sudden heart attack or was it perfectly plotted murder? The media wasn’t certain and the police finally gave up.

Geri’s damaged son Tal is haunted by his father’s death, but who can he turn to and trust when everyone’s a suspect? Plus few, if any, will mourn Geri’s death. Between his dishonest business partner, his heartless widow, and the countless other people Geri’s screwed over the years, someone is looking for revenge. Plus Tal needs to wrestle back control of Geri’s pharmaceutical empire and fight off his own demons. Tal’s a drug addict.

When Tal turns for comfort to his lover Ophelia, he doesn’t know of her past connection with his father and the deep secret hidden there. During the Second World War, Geri risked his life to smuggle her family out of Nazi-occupied Denmark. To honour this heroic debt Ophelia was raised to continue the family vow of secretly protecting the Neilson family, even if it risks her life and those of others. She’s been trained to kill. But will Ophelia help out of duty or love?

And thus a bitter fight ensues between loyalty and betrayal, addiction and independence, ambition and love. Can she find the murderer and bring them to justice? Can Tal ever meet Geri’s expectations?

A tense, fast-paced psychological thriller, which will have you hooked from page one.

Ophelia is the second book in a series of mysteries based on Shakespeare’s greatest plays.  Odell’s Fall, was a 2019-20 Amazon best seller.

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“Ophelia is a fast-paced international thriller, a winning tale from a strong new talent on the scene”

–Robert Rotenberg
International bestselling author of Downfall (February 2021)

“The manner in which Bacal incorporates the tenets of Shakespeare’s Hamlet character Ophelia satisfies both literary aficionados as well as mystery admirers, the result being not plagiarism, but intensification of ideas – a very successful technique that adds to the luster of this excellent mystery. Very highly recommended.”

–Grady Harp, Amazon Top 50 Reviewer

“Norman Bacal and Will Shakespeare know how to tell a good story.”

–Baruch Frydman-Kohl, Rabbi Emeritus, Toronto

“A major psychological drama for Shakespeare fans everywhere. This is the second Shakespearian work brought to present day by the author. The first was Othello-inspired “Odell’s Fall”. In “Ophelia”, talented Bacal gives a modern twist to the “Hamlet” character. The author’s dark plot and burdened characters are executed in rich, descriptive detail…

This versatile writer has crafted a magnetic premise that is made even more interesting by the way he transforms the source material. Shakespeare readers will be impressed, while readers unfamiliar with Shakespeare may get an introduction, even though Bacal’s “Ophelia” isn’t a scene-by-scene adaptation of “Hamlet”. What readers will love about this novel is Bacal’s writing. He has such a clever, imaginative way of weaving conflicted characters through story arcs. It’s the classic good versus evil, and Tal trying to find his own place in the world while running from himself. When you add the addiction aspect, and Ophelia, worlds are rocked. The pace is perfect, the dialogue dynamic, and Bacal has a commanding presence on the page… This accomplished author has made his mark in non-fiction and fiction alike. Turning his hand to reimagining Shakespeare is an amazing choice. “Ophelia”, by Norman Bacal, has the feel of an instant classic–not to be missed.”

–Goodreads review

“Hamlet is one of my all time favorite Shakespeare plays. This author took that story and turned it into a unique and nail biting novel! Though it kept true to the spirit of the play, this novel kept me guessing as to what was going to happen next.”

–Goodreads review

“This mystery moves at a quick pace and introduces readers to a diverse set of characters. Their motivations, competitions, loves and jealousies read like a Shakespearian drama. Oh! It is a modern version of Hamlet, with an introductory scene from Denmark, one family morally indebted to another, and people who die because of greed and identity confusion. For contemporary interest, add in some American/Canadian boardroom competition, an Israeli agent, an illegal Chinese enterprise, and an Australian drug rehab centre. It’s a novel full of intrigue and love, death and life. In the tragedy, there is still a lot to enjoy here.”

–Rabbi Baruch Frydman-Kohl, Toronto