Ophelia Book Club Questions

1. Are the obligations  placed by Geri’s ghost on Tal and by Paul on Ophelia similar or completely different?

2. In Chapter 8 the props in the scene are a cello and a poem. How do these devices tighten the tension between Ophelia and her uncle Thomas and feed the themes of the story?

3. Is there a difference between Geri’s obsessive selfishness about his business and Paul’s obsession with helping Geri and his son?

4. Tal and Ophelia, are governed by family obsessions. How are their respective life journeys impacted by their childhood experience?

5. Trudi is one of the two villains of the story. Does her two-time battle with post-partum depression excuse her behavior in any way? Should we feel sorry for her? Is her character completely consistent throughout? 

6. Are the true heroes the fools who rush in? What is it in her brain that makes Ophelia a hero? Can it be trained?

7. We all know a Geri Neilson, the iconic, rich businessman to whom charities cater  in order to curry favor. They are the “Man of the Year,” or their names adorn hospital wings and JCCs: dominating and dislikable people who are made into social heroes. But they also may be parents whose children are damaged.  Are these leaders good or bad?

8. The title character of this modernized Hamlet played a minor role in Shakespeare’s play and is not the front-and-center character of the novel. Why do you think that is? Did you feel the title was a misdirection? What made the author choose Ophelia?