30 Years of Experience

Norm has been delivering keynotes to a variety of audiences, including university professional schools,  Canadian and US film financing conferences, provincial law societies, the CBA, and various professional firm retreats. Norm was a lecturer at his alma mater, McGill University, in Business Law from 1987-1989.


Interview with Steve Paikin on the Agenda-TVO May 30,2017

List of past speeches


Ryerson University, Toronto, March 7, 2017

University Club, Montreal,  March 9, 2017

Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto, March 20, 2017

Western Law School, London, March 27,2017

Queens Business School, Kingston,  March 29,2017

The Song Shul, March 25,2017

Private law Firm strategy session, Keynote address April 3, 2017

Toronto Lawyers Association, May 3, 2017

Synagogue- “The Gift of sharing teachings”, May 15, 2017

UJA Young Professionals- “Which Kind of Squirrel are You?”, Sept 6, 2017

Toronto research Lawyers Association -” Organizational Values”, Sept 27, 2017

Canadian Bar Association- “Law Firm Leadership”, Nov 2, 2017

List of upcoming speeches


Private book club event, Jan 24, 2018

Private law firm event- “The Importance of Culture and Values in Organizations”, Feb 13, 2018

Cavanagh LLP Professionalism Series University of Ottawa- Keynote, Feb 14, 2018

Osgoode Law School “Career Development”, Mar 7, 2018

University of Ottawa “Career Development- Issues for Students to Consider”, Mar 20, 2018

Ontario Bar Association- Managing Partner Round Table, Apr 19, 2018

Burnie Consulting Round Table- Keynote, Jun 4, 2018

Private law firm retreat – keynote, Sept 15, 2018

Webinar, Career Development, November 14,2018

Webinar, Building a Firm, November 21,2018

Webinar, Learning to Lead, November 28, 2018

Grant Thornton, Vancouver,  Client Event, January 24,2019

Farber corporate retreat, Keynote, June 2019

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